Oxford House College - London Oxford Street

24 Great Chapel St, Soho, London W1F 8FS

Oxford House College is one of the outstanding language schools. It has destinations in several cities in United Kingdom, Australia, United States, Canada and Ireland. All of the schools in United Kingdom are located in the centre of the city, so that students can discover the historical and cultural face of UK while they learn English.Oxford House College offers a wide range of courses from General English to Intensive English, 1-to-1 English, Conversation & Pronunciation, Business English, Exam Preparation classes etc.

Oxford House College London (Oxford St.) is in Great Chapel Street, just a few metres away from Oxford School. The school is equipped with student-friendly facilitie; a large library, rooftop café, free Wi-Fi, quiet areas for self-study, etc.

Social Spaces
Computer room
Things to know about this school
  • Experience of more than 45 years,
  • Professional and helpful teachers,
  • Wide range of English courses,
  • A welcoming family atmosphere,
  • Intensive social activity programme,
  • Good facilities at school building,
  • Perfect location in the heart of London,
  • Sightseeing excursions
Courses in school:
  • General Language Courses
  • Exam Preparation Courses
  • Business English Courses

Ezgi Mohoçoğlu

10 ay önce


I received a total of 8 weeks of language training. I started my training at Pre-Intermediate level. I had too many Turkish friends at this level like me. But my teacher was very good. In lessons, we did both grammar, speech, reading and writing. Then I reached the level of Intermediate level. At this level, there were fewer Turkish students and the lessons were mostly about writing and speaking.

The school had an activity program that I could attend every week. However, certain days always put the same activity. Every Friday night, for example. I found this a bit boring. We also had city trips every weekend but in my opinion it was expensive. That's why I traveled with my friends. Besides, I had afternoon classes so I couldn't attend a lot of activities.

The school building was small and consisted of a block. There was only a terrace and a canteen of extras. The prices were actually appropriate. b Good morning. There was no playground. But there was a canteen inside the terrace and the terrace. I have used prices from time to time. There was also a library and computer room if you wish to use it. So the school was pretty, actually.

I did not stay in my own relatives as I get the accomodation fit. That was the only language school in England. It was a bit remote, but I was still comfortable.

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