25 Beckenham Rd, Beckenham BR3 4PR London / England

Established 1957
Number of students in the class 14
Lessons Duration 90
Age limit 16

Kings Education is an outstanding language school serving in United States and United Kingdom with its highly qualified teaching team. It operates in different cities of these two countries. The language school offers an international atmosphere among students and modern teaching-learning methods specialized each student. 

Kings London is close to the city centre of London. Students can go to shops, restaurants, library and  the cinema easily. The school offers university preparation and English language courses.


Social Spaces
Video Game & Leisure Spaces
Computer room

Things to know about this school

  • Experience of 60 years,
  • Modern teaching methods,
  • Highly qualified and professional teachers,
  • International, multi-cultural and warm school atmosphere,
  • Self-confidence of the school in teaching,
  • Walking distance to the nearby cafes, restaurants, shops etc.,
  • Close to accommodation options,
  • Different social activity options


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