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Kaplan International - London Covent Garden

3-4 Southampton Place, Covent Garden, London, UK. WC1A 2DA

Kaplan International London Covent Garden, located at the centre of the city, serves in the renovated historical building from 18. century with 13 modern classrooms and impressive multimedia centre. It offers various courses with high quality. Students can also enjoy the cultural events of London. 

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Things to know about this school
  • Experience of more than 75 years, Most reliable institution in English education, Training with latest technology, K+ special teaching system, 94% student satisfaction, International atmosphere among students from 150 different countries, Good location at the centre of the city, Various public tansportation options Social activities
Courses in school:
  • General Language Courses
  • Academic Year & Semester Courses
  • Exam Preparation Courses
  • Business English Courses

Rumeysa Çalı

6 yıl önce


I came to this school with scholarship from UK. Obviously, I did not make the school choice directly, the company recommended this school. I looked before they came, and they chose one of the best in the world for me. I'm so glad.

First of all I would like to mention the general characteristics of the school. The location was in the center of London, very close to the places I wanted to go and see. I have been walking around many times in walking distance. There are cafes, restaurants, museums and many other historical and entertainment venues around.

The building is a historic building. Very agreeable Classes are comfortable, well planned garden to get air. The classes are spacious and spacious. Even though the building is in a crowded place, it has no sound. Lessons are comfortable. In class activities, the classes did not bother each other.

My classmates had no Turkish students. Chinese, Corellas, Arabs. I could say I was lucky in this. I'm tired, but it was worth it. The phone was also forbidden for the dictionary, we had to ask the words we did not know. As such, it is nice to understand our English and to learn our new words, and I can easily see the benefits.

Our instructor in the class was also very good. He's a young fellow. It was active. He arranged the English for us. He was talking slowly. He was very helpful. He bored without repeating everything we did not understand.

There was a person in every nation who was careful, and I did not feel any distinction. Every nation behaved in the same way, trying to give the best education.

There was also a repeat of the lessons that went well. For that reason, we had a chance to learn things through activities without forgetting what we learned.

The school's activities were too much. We were going to almost anywhere. We were trying to negotiate even if the common language is English. I am short but I am sure that the long ones have a lot of opportunities to participate in the activity.

As a result, I can say that I feel that Kaplan School cares much about the student. Successful passing, at the end of a 2 week camp as I happily returned to Turkey.

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