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You are now on the easiest internet platform to help you make your decision about studying abroad.

We, as a whole team, work hard to ensure that our students receive top quality, safe and speedy overseas education for affordable prices.

You will be able to see hundreds of schools on a single platform in a wide range of countries like England, America, Canada, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Malta.

If you want to get to know more about us, you can take a look at our company's short history and see our team and investors below.

Moreover, please note, the conventional "our vision and mission" text, that is usually rarely read and never really understood, has intentionally not been placed on this page by us.

Of course, we have set fundamental principles and basic rules. However, this short "about us article" does not provide sufficient space for us to express the extent of our honesty and the great, ambitious goals we have for the future.

As expressed by a very famous Turkish saying, we believe that the mirror of a person is just his/her actions, not words. We, as a team, are determined to put our mind to proceeding step by step.

The largest earning in this business is ensuring students are fully satisfied when returning home from their overseas education.

We wait for you, too.


April 2010

Our company began its operations under the name, London Career Academy.

January 2013

The idea of moving education counseling to an online platform appeared for the first time. (We thought for a very long time.)

January 2016

The creation process of the online platform's website commenced.

May 2016

We launched the website for a trial as

November, December 2016

We started having interviews with potential investors.

January 2017

We received our first investment - our seed investment.

March 2017

We managed to secure a place in the top 15 business enterprises, in Turkey's biggest entrepreneurs’ event 'StartUp Turkey'

July 2017

We began to introduce and present our platform to language schools

September 2017

We accepted our first student through the online platform.

January 2018

We secured our second investment.

The StudyACourse Family

England and Turkey StudyACourse Family

Ahmet Ferruh ÖNCÜ

Co-founder & Education Consultant


Co-founder & Education Consultant


Turkey Student Affairs Representative & Educational Consultant

Şaziye BİLGE

UK Student Affairs Representative & Educational Consultant


Education Consultant - İstanbul

Zeliha ÜNGÜL

Education Consultant - Ankara

Nilben KOÇ

Education Consultant - England


Turkey Student Affairs & Educational Consultant


Visa Consultant - Ankara


Visa Consultant - İstanbul

Ş. Tuğrul AYDIN

Web Developer - İstanbul

Mustafa YALÇIN

Digital Marketing Specialist - İstanbul


Investor, Startup Coach - England


Investor, Management Consultant - England


Management Consultant - England

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