Spencer Square, Ramsgate, Kent, England, CT11 9EQ Ramsgate / England

Established 1971
Number of students in the class 15
Lessons Duration 45
Age limit 16

Churchill House School was founded in 1971 and it has been the most important language school in Ramsgate. The school is located in Kent, which has also been known as “The Garden of England”. The students can discover the historical and natural places of the city easily. Visitors of Churchill House School have the opportunity of getting a good mix of academic progress, personal development and cultural discovery.

Churchill House School always gets positive feedbacks from British Council inspectors. The school offers a wide range of quality courses such as General English courses, Exam preparation Courses, one-to-one lessons, work experience programmes, etc.    


Social Spaces
Video Game & Leisure Spaces
Computer room
Study Room
Prayer Room

Things to know about this school

  • Central Location,
  • Only 2 hours away from London by train,
  • Summer courses for adults and children,
  • Internationally recognized language school,
  • Excursions to nearby cities and iconic places of Ramsgate,
  • 24 hours available contact number


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