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EC English Language Centres - Manchester

Boulton House, 17-21 Chorlton Street, Manchester, M1 3HY, UK

EC Language Schools operate in 140 countries and host more than 40,000 students a year.They utilize modern teaching methods with their experience of 30 years in teaching English as a foreign language. EC Language Schools won ST Star Award for Best Chain School for several times.  

Manchester is the second largest city of United Kingdom, so students can discover this historical city, which is famous for its sports, music and multicultural atmosphere. The teachers are professional and they use some methods where the students are active during the lectures. 

Computer room
Things to know about this school
  • Experience of more than 30 years,
  • Professional and helpful teachers,
  • International and warm school atmosphere,
  • Technologically well-equipped classrooms,
  • Social activities,
  • Great location at the centre of Manchester,
  • Close to the restaurants, shops, cafes,
  • City walking tours, student parties,
  • Language workshops to develop speaking habits
Courses in school:
  • General Language Courses
  • Exam Preparation Courses
  • Business English Courses
  • Private Education (Law, Media, Tourism etc.)

Enes Sancak

6 ay önce


The classes at the school were 10 people on average. I was pleased with the training during my training. I took eight weeks of training. During this time I started from intermediate level and finished in advance. I already had an English because of the university. That's why I moved easily and fast. There were 8 instructors in this exchange. My communication with all was good and I was satisfied.

The school had a monthly activity program. The school education was formed as A group and B group. A group of students took classes in the morning on 3 days a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) in the morning and the remaining 2 days of the week (Tuesday, Thursday). Group B was the opposite. The activity program was not very active during the week due to this educational system. Weekend trips were usually held in the city. I did not prefer to participate. I traveled with my friends.

The school was a small one-story building. There was no cafeteria or a garden. It already consisted of 10 classes in total. There was only a sitting area where we could buy tea and coffee. It was very normal for the school to be small because it is in a very central location. The school also had a computer room and library, which was easily accessible for each student.

Finally, I stayed with family as accommodation. My family was just a lady. He was very helpful in my conversation. It was also only 25 minutes by bus from school to accommodation. In general, I was pleased with the house, the cleanliness of the house and the food.

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