2 Southampton Place, London WC1A 2DA, UK London / England

Established 1952
Number of students in the class 14
Lessons Duration 45
Age limit 16

Stafford House International schools are located in several cities of America, Canada and United Kingdom. Each school offers a unique way to teach English but they have also a lot in common; the schools are well-equipped with up-to-date technology. Classrooms are bright and modern. High-speed Wi-Fi, comfortable student lounges and cafés, library and self-study areas, IT suites are provided for English learners.

Strafford House London is located in central London. The school arranges social activiyies every week to create a welcoming atmosphere for students so that they can make friends and practise the speaking skills.


Social Spaces
Computer room
Study Room

Things to know about this school

  • Experience of 65 years,
  • International atmosphere,
  • Helpful and professional teachers,
  • Bright classrooms equipped with latest technology,
  • Central Location in London,
  • Capacity of 420 students with 20 classrooms
  • Social activities, excursions to iconic places, sporting activities etc.
  • Wide range of courses


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