139 Oxford Street,London W1D 2JA London / England

Number of students in the class 16
Lessons Duration 45
Age limit 16

Speak Up London is located in Oxford Street. The school is accredited by the British Council. Furthermore, it is Cambridge Exam Preparation Centre and a member of English UK and the Association for Learning Languages.

Speak Up London provides a safe and international school environment. The caring teachers help students to achieve personal, academic and business aims. Student can develop their cognitive skills and practise creative thinking.


Social Spaces
Computer room
Study Room

Things to know about this school

  • Good location in Central London,
  • Professional, high-motivated teachers,
  • Technologically well equipped classrooms,
  • Social activities,
  • Free speaking classes,
  • Excursion to Edinburgh,
  • Parties, picnic, city and museum tours, movie nights, etc.



1 yıl önce


I preferred to study up to 28 weeks of school. I got a general English course. My school was a rides on Oxford street in London. Due to its central location, there was no garden or library.
We had a small computer room available for students to use. I would prefer to sit there and read a book in the presence of a small library, which was a minor disadvantage for me. However, I was satisfied with the school's education and the interest of the teachers and the classes.
The school's activity program is very successful. It is very easy to get a monthly schedule from each floor and reception entrance and there are many excursions to London and cities outside London. There is even a Parisian eiffel. I did not choose because the prices were a bit high for me.
These walks are next to drink-up nights. Every Friday. I joined them and I had a lot of fun.
At the same time the school has 1 hour free classes every day. He helped me improve my speaking as well as lectures. I have had the opportunity to meet many people.
My classes were not too crowded. It was 10 people on average. I also did not encounter too many Turkish students.
I can recommend this school to friends who are both affordable and quality looking at the school. I am very satisfied with the training I received.

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